I am a hobbyist blogger and blogging is the most thing that brought me into the correct learning track when I was an undergraduate. Thus exists this page! I continue to write various tech stuff that may be useful for the Sinhala reader community. I write about information technology, computers, Internet, Linux, and many more. Sometimes, just-for-fun stuff too... :-)

ශාකුන්තලගේ සටහන් පොත (Shaakunthala's Notebook)

ශාකුන්තලගේ සටහන් පොත (Shaakunthala's Notebook) is my primary blog which is written in my native language, Sinhala. Initially started as a 'just another' tech blog to fulfill the lesser number of Sinhala blogs we had. But nowadays I only post carefully reviewed articles that are mostly based on my personal experiences, while encouraging self-learning and research.
In November 2009, this blog won the award for the best Sinhala blog at "Aseniya Kusuma" contest for arts and literature at Royal College of Colombo.

Shaakunthala's Portal

Shaakunthala's Portal is my second blog, which I write in English. The initial purpose was just having a place to dump whatever crazy stuff that comes to my mind. But today, this one has also become a tech-blog. Anything which I think better when written in English goes here.

Shaakunthala's Miniblog

Miniblog is for stories that are too lengthy for a micro post, but too short for a regular post either. No imagery, no media, just very short stories. This blog is bilingual and I mostly write about leisure, technology, fun stuff and rarely some societal stuff too.