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Short Bio

Given name is Sameera Shaakunthala.
Full legal name is much longer, and could be harder to remember.
Friends and colleagues from the Western world call him Shaaku, which may be easier 🙂.

Sri Lankan🇱🇰 - now lives in The Netherlands🇳🇱 and owns more than one bicycle. 🚲
Fluently speaks සිංහල & English. Spreek ook Nederlands!
Works for a well known company located somewhere here📍.

Good to know: 🍪→🚫 Your visit to this website is not tracked. 😉

Where to find @shaakunthala

🧑‍💼 Professional

✍️ Creative work

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What do I do?

Well, this is how things are going these days. With Covid-19 it has been a rough time.
  • Working from home. Managing customer requirements. Helping global sales.
  • Tweeting a lot.
  • Learning how to cook.
  • Improving my Dutch speaking/ listening skills.
  • Flying airplanes on my gaming PC. Relieves much of social distancing stress.
Last updated: 17.03.2021